The Roaring Twenties – Life in America

Art-Deco-Mural | The Roaring Twenties – Life in America | Art March Savannah

This year’s theme takes us back to the 1920s. We have featured artworks inspired by this period in our history. Let us relive those days and see how they influenced our arts and culture.

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Life in America in the 1920s was a dramatic period in our history. It is known as the Jazz Age and the roaring twenties which reflect that it was an exciting time in history. The events and developments that transpired during this age represented the effort to break away from the past and move on to the future especially after experiencing World War I. It was also a decade to be known for extreme contradictions. People sought normalcy and conformity but there were also expressions of rebellion and crumbling respect for law and order. There were intense differences in the lifestyle and beliefs of those living in urban and rural areas, of the blacks and whites. There was a discussion about the theory of evolution and divine creation. Each side challenged the other in a quest to hold on to their beliefs.

Picture-Roaring-20s-Southern-Tech | The Roaring Twenties – Life in America | Art March Savannah

Just like a roar, the events during the 1920s were heard by many people all over the world. The Jazz Age featured advancements in arts, entertainment, and technology. There was still segregation between the blacks and whites but at least each group learned to show the world their deep appreciation for their culture. But it left us wanting for more. There was an intense clamor for the promotion of women’s rights only to lose steam also in the same period. Each period in our history leaves a mark on our identity as a nation. There were successes and pitfalls during the 1920s. But one thing is for certain. It made our history, arts, and culture richer. It brought us closer to where we are now as a nation.