Public Art in Savannah: The Old Chatham County Courthouse

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The Old Chatham County Courthouse follows the Beaux Arts style of architecture. This was in vogue when the courthouse was designed and constructed. It was commonly used for public and institutional buildings. This early modern style of architecture reflected the artists’ grand and progressive outlook. One will immediately notice the intricate designs and details on the walls and ceiling of the building which truly reflected the beaux-arts style that left little area unornamented. The classical appearance and elaborate structure of this architectural design were vividly expressed using limestone. The courthouse features a dome with a fish weathervane at the top. The symbolism held by the fish is subject to speculations but one popular notion is that it symbolized Christianity. Classic mural paintings can be seen on different sides of the dome which show the important roles of education, justice, agriculture and stone industry to the county. There are also roman scrolled columns inside the courthouse. The wooden doors also have detailed carvings on them. There are also sculptures around the building. In this particular painting, there is a big tree that covers the view of the entire building on the left side. On the right side is another tree that completes the frame of the picture. It looks like it offers just a peek of the imposing courthouse. It seems that the scenery was taken on a bright sunny day based on the lighting and shadows used. A clear blue sky provided the background at the upper portion of the painting. The sky, trees, and other plants create an inviting look to the viewers. It is refreshing and invigorating to see. Four cars are parked in front of the building but there is a space at the middle of the parking area. It gives the impression that it is another busy day at work in the courthouse but they are never too busy not to accommodate you. The USA flag is displayed prominently on top of the building which is another symbol of freedom, liberty, and justice. Being the seat of power, the flag in the courthouse signifies the respect, pride, and commitment of the people to the principles upheld by the American nation to serve its people.