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Savannah is a place that offers so many interesting sights to see, places to go, and activities to do. It is a haven for history buffs, serious shoppers, and nature lovers. Savannah is also fast becoming an art district where people go to express their artistic sides and appreciate different forms of art. Savannah has cultivated its arts and culture scene by giving opportunities to artists to have a venue for their craft, where the public can easily have access to their artwork, and everyone can enjoy the different forms of art all around us.

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Art March Savannah is a local community of artists who are committed to providing the public with access to different forms of art and at the same time, giving more opportunities for artists to develop and share their work with the rest of the world. This thriving artistic community is located near Savannah’s Forsyth Park. Every Friday, the community holds special events to encourage more people to visit the area. We have art festivals, exhibits, open studios, galleries, and concerts. It is now one of the top things to do when in Savannah. Locals and visitors gather together to bask in Savannah’s art and culture. Savor the art and unleash the artist in you. Soak up in our local artists’ creations and find yourself appreciating art and discovering your passion.

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At Art March Savannah, you walk your way through history, art, and culture while enjoying the comforts of urban living. You can sip your favorite coffee while you see our artists at work. You can shop for souvenirs and home decors that were lovingly made by our local artists. You can dine and enjoy your favorite wine while being surrounded by amazing paintings and photographs that tell you about Savannah’s history and culture. At Art March Savannah, you become one with the arts and find yourself appreciating art for art’s sake.

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Art March Savannah offers art tours to interested parties. We have tour guides who love to share their knowledge about the different art forms that can be found in the premier art district of Savannah. We can also take you to other historic sites and interesting places around Savannah that are also rich in art and culture. We guarantee that we will satisfy your art cravings while you are in the city. We do this for the love of the arts. We want more people to appreciate art and be involved in the arts. We know there are budding talents out there inside their garage doors in Lansing and we want to encourage them to pursue their passion for the arts through the knowledge and appreciation that they get from our art tours.

Come and join us in our celebration of art and culture. Let us all marvel at the talent of our local artists and support them in their ventures. We invite you to visit our community at the Art March Savannah – where artists bloom and shine.