Are Your Garage Door Springs Working?

One of the common garage door problems that we experienced is nonfunctional springs. But the question is how do you know that your garage door springs need repair or replacement. Click here to learn more about how to handle broken garage door springs? The following actions will also help you to deal with the broken garage door springs.

Put your garage door on manual operations

Disconnect the electric garage door opener when the door is closed. You will have to test the springs through manual operations so, make sure that you have turned off the opener before preceding the rest of the steps. Try to open and close the garage door by hand to perform this test.

Lift the garage door at its halfway

Open the garage door manually to its half path and leave it to stay there. If the garage door lifted easily and stayed at that place where you left it, then continue to the next action. If it did not stay then it is a clear warning sign that garage door springs misaligned and need immediate adjustments. 

Open the garage door completely

Lift the garage door by hand to open it completely. If the garage door moves smoothly and stayed at its fully open position, then continue to next step. If the garage door drops suddenly that is an indication that your garage door springs system could be in trouble. You need a professional garage door repair expert to handle this job.

Lower the garage door manually

Close the garage door by hand and let it go. If the garage door running smoothly and close completely. It means that garage door springs are functioning well and adjusted correctly. In case of failure, you should inspect the springs carefully. They may need simple adjustments to retain its tension. If they become damaged, you should replace them quickly to make the garage door functional again.

These steps will help you to determine whether your garage door springs is working or not.  Regular inspection and maintenance of garage door springs will help to diagnose any potential issue before it becomes a serious problem. It is also good to perform this test periodically, particularly, before the seasonal change. It only takes a few minutes to inspect the performance garage door springs but save you from thousands of hassles.